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Vertigo and disequilibrium a practical guide to diagnosis and management / [electronic resource] : [edited by] Peter C. Weber ; [Douglas D. Backous]. - New York : Thieme, c2008. - xiv, 174 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

"Book & DVD." Made available through: Thieme ElectronicBook Library.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

History and physical examination / Peter C. Weber -- Computerized vestibular testing / Hussam El-Kashlan and Jaynee A. Handelsman -- Radiology for vertigo and disequilibrium / Kennith F. Layton ... [et al.] -- Clinical anatomy and physiology / Wayne Joseph Harsha, James Phillips, and Douglas D. Backous -- Laboratory testing in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness / Michael E. Hoffer, Ben J. Balough, and Kim R. Gottshall -- Meniere's disease / Sujana S. Chandrasekhar -- Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo / Judith White -- Labyrinthitis / Sean O. McMenomey and Samuel P. Gubbels -- Superior semi-circular canal dehiscence syndrome / Cliff Megerian -- Autoimmune vestibular dysfunction, perilymph fistulas, mal de debarquement syndrome, and alcohol-related dizziness / Gordon B. Hughes and Neil Cherian -- Aging and balance / Harold H. Kim, David F. Wilson, and Richard J. Wiet -- Congenital vestibular disorders / S. Kyle Kaneaster and James E. Saunders -- Migraine induced vestibulopathy / John G. Oas -- Unilateral peripheral vestibulopathy / Alan G. Micco -- Central nervous system causes of vertigo and disequilibrium / Kevin A. Kerber and Samuel C. Levine -- Medications / Tina Chung-Ting Huang and J. Thomas Roland Jr -- Vestibular rehabilitation / Elizabeth H. Toh.

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This is a highly practical reference for diagnosing and managing some of the most common complaints in the otolaryngology patient -- vertigo, disequilibrium, and dizziness. This carefully organized reference begins by presenting descriptions of time-tested examination techniques, laboratory tests, and the imaging studies necessary for an accurate diagnosis. The book then addresses the various diseases causing these complaints, including Meniere's disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, labyrinthitis, migraine-induced vestibulopathy, and more, with concise explanations of medical, surgical, and therapeutic treatment options available. An accompanying DVD features high-quality videos of key examination tests, such as ENG, Hallpike positioning, and Epley's maneuver. The videos document the numerous nystagmus patterns caused by various central pathologies and peripheral vestibulopathies, providing an exceptional tool for learning how to recognize eye movements to confirm a diagnosis.

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Dizziness--prevention & control

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