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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



How to become a member of the Library and Information Centre (L&IC), AIISH? 

Ans: We provide two types of memberships, regular membership for the staff and students of AIISH and temporary membership for those working /studying in other organizations.

What are the procedures to take a Regular Membership?

Ans: The eligible persons have to submit an application in prescribed form made available on the web portal of the L&IC at

Can the application form for regular membership be submitted directly?

Ans: In the case of Diploma/UG/PG students, the filled-in forms can be submitted directly to the L&IC. In the case of staff and research scholars, the recommendation has to be obtained from the respective heads of department/section/unit.

Are the contract staffs at AIISH eligible for regular membership?

Ans: Yes, They have to remit a caution deposit of Rs.4000/- in the Institute account, and this has to be duly certified by the Accounts Officer in the application form.

What is the validity of a regular membership?

Ans: The regular membership is valid till the end of the course, in the case of students, expiry of the contract term in case of contract staff, and service retirement in case  of permanent staff.

Who are eligible for Temporary Membership?

Ans: The students, faculty and professional in other organizations.

What are the procedures for taking temporary membership?

Ans: The eligible persons have to submit an application in prescribed form made available on the web portal of the Section at and student for the approval of the Director, AIISH. Also, they have to attach a scanned copy of the organization ID card.

Is there any usage fee for availing L&IC facilities and services?

Ans: The facilities and services are free for regular members. However, temporary members have to make a prescribed fee in the Institute account as given below for availing of the facilities.


One Month

One Year







Will all the users be issued a library card?

Ans: The card will be issued to the regular members and temporary members with a membership duration of 6 months.

Is there a provision for issuing duplicate library card in case the original is lost?

Ans: Yes. The duplicate card will be issued upon paying a fine of Rs.200/- at the Institute's cash section and producing the receipt to the L&IC

Should I carry the library card during every visit to the Section?

Ans: Yes. Without a library card, you will not be permitted to enter the Section.

What is automatic gate entry?

Ans: The automatic gate register is the barcode enabled computer system for recording the entry and exit of the users. It is installed at the entrance of L&IC. All the users must record their entry and exit using their barcoded card at the barcode scanner made available at the counter.

Do all the members are eligible for borrowing books from the L&IC?

Ans: No. Only the regular members are eligible for borrowing books. The temporary members are entitled to use the L&IC for reference purpose only and will issue no books.

Will there be any fine for delayed return of borrowed books?

Ans: Yes. Fine will be collected from all the defaulters. The details of fine levied are given below.

  • Stack & Literature Book - ₹1.00 per day
  • Reference Book - ₹2.00 per day

What are the procedures for borrowing books?

Ans: The books are issued upon processing the library card. The card will be scanned against the borrower database and book will be issued as per the eligibility of the individual user.

Can the books get an issue /return throughout the working hours of the LIC? Ans: No. The book issue/return is restricted to the time as given below.

Issue timing:

  • Monday to Friday 8.45am to 7.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm

Return timing:

  • Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm

Is there any restriction on the no. of books issued to a member?

Ans: Yes. The borrowing privileges for different user categories are as given below.

  • Students (UG/PG) - 2 Books
  • Students (Intern/PGD/Diploma) - 1 Book
  • Research Scholar (Regular) - 4 Books
  • Faculty - 8 Books
  • Staff (Technical/Administrative etc.) - 4 Books
  • Contract Staff - 2 Books

How can I recommend a new resource (books/journals, etc.) to purchase/subscribe for the library?

Ans: An authorized user can recommend a resource to procure by filling the ‘Information Resource Suggestion Form’ available on the library web portal.

Can the bring personal patrons books or other reading materials to the library?

Ans: No.The patrons are not allowed to bring their own books or other reading materials to the library

Does the library have a WiFi connection?

Ans: Yes. It is available.

If a borrowed book is lost or damaged should be replaced?

Ans: Yes. The lost or damaged book has to be replaced or equal to double the cost of the book needs to be paid as fine.

Do patrons give training on how to access and use resources?

Ans: Yes, The L&IC organizes the 'workshop on electronic resources' at the beginning of the academic year having both theoretical and practical components.

Will users the permitted to borrow dissertation/theses/ARF projects? Ans: No.

What is the mode of payment of library due?

Ans: Library dues can be paid in digital mode using the QR Code given below. It is also made on the website.


What are the print resources available in the L&IC for loan (borrowed)?


Loan Period

Stack Books

7 Days

Literature Books

15 Days

Reference Books

02 Days


What are the print resources NOT available for following?


  1. Bound Volumes
  2. Standards (Print)
  3. Thesis & Dissertations
  4. ARF Projects

What is back volume, explain its access mode?

Ans: The bound volume as the bound issues of the scientific journals subscribed by the L&IC. They are arranged alphabetical by title of the journal is chronological order.

What are the various e-resources available in the L&IC?

Ans: The various e-resources accessible on the web portal of the L&IC are the following:

  • AIISH digital repository: A repository of AIISH research reports
  • E-Journals: AIISH subscribed / Free/ERMED/N-LIST e-journals.
  • E-Books: AIISH purchased/ N-LIST e-books.
  • Online Databases: AIISH subscribed / free databases.
  • Digitized question papers: University Question papers of the academic programs conducted by AIISH.
  • Digitized syllabus: University syllabus of the academic programs conducted by AIISH.
  • CD-ROM resources: Contents of the CD-ROMs received along with the books purchased.

What types of e-books are available and what is their access mode?

Ans: The two types of e-books are AIISH subscribed e-books, and N-LIST e-books. Users may download or read the e-book through the e-book searching link. The AIISH  subscribed e-books are accessible only using the computer connected to the institute from inside the campus. The N-LIST e-books are accessible for nay where using user name and password.

What type of e-journals is available and how to access them?

Ans: The types of e-journals are: (i) AIISH subscribed (ii) ERMED (iii) N-LIST e- journals. Of these AIISH subscribed and ERMED e-journals are accessible only for inside the campus. The face e-journals located on the portal are accessible for anywhere. The N-LIST e-journals are accessible using user name and password.

What are the database available, and how to access them?

Ans: We offer bibliographic, full-text and hybrid databases. (i) ComDisDome and Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA), (ii) PsycArticles (iii) J-Gate

(iv) PubMed (v) Rehabdata

Which type of format Standards are available and how to access them?

Ans: The Standards are available is print and electronic format. The list is available on the web portal. For access Standards, patrons may contact Mr. Nandeesha B, Asst. Library and Information Officer, Ext. 2157, e-mail-

Some of the library books have supplementary material in the form of CD-ROMs. But we never get issued CD-ROMs along with books, Why?

Ans: Since the CD-ROMs are very fragile in nature, we are not issuing them along with the books. However, the contents of book CD-ROMs are available for downloading for our web portal makes the link ‘Book CD-ROMs’.

Can I access the previous volumes of journals online?

Ans: The previous volumes of a journal are called back volumes or journal archives. We have online back volumes of the thirty-five most important international journals on the field of speech and hearing.


What are the various services available in the L&IC, and how can we use them?

Ans: The various services provided on the web portal of the L&IC are the following:

  • Personalized Information Service: Service from outside the campus
  • Plagiarism Detection Service
  • OPAC
  • NLIST Service
  • Writing Support Service (Grammarly): Service detecting writing grammar errors in research papers/reports/letters etc.
  • Typeset Author Solution: Service which facilitates help to write and submit research papers for journals.
  • ISBN Service: Service facilitates assigning the ISBN to AIISH publications coordination with Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
  • Bibliographic Management.

What is OPAC, and how to use it?

Ans: OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. It is a tool to search and locate resources in the L&IC. The OPAC facilitates author, title, keyword, year and subject based searching.

What is personalized information service and how to avail it?

Ans: Remote access service facilitates access to subscribed resources from outside the campus. The details of available the service is provided under ‘Personalized Information Service’ on the web portal.

Explain the procedure for accessing the digital repository?

Ans: The users have to register for availing the services under the link ‘Digital Repository’. Upon registration, they can access the reports of all types of research carried out at AIISH including post-graduate, doctoral and funded research.

What is N-LIST e-resource service?

Ans: The NLIST stands for National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content. Using this service the user can access e- journals, e-books, and databases of different disciplines. The service is user name and password based. The members have to contact the L&IC for generation of user name and password. Please contact N-LIST login Mr. Nidheesh David Kuruvila, Senior Library and Information Assistant, directly or through email

What is ERMED?

Ans: ERMED stands for Educational Resources in Medicine. It is sponsored by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Through the service, we have are getting access to 240 e-journals in different medical subjects.

What is an anti-plagiarism service, who are eligible, and how to access?

Ans: Anti-plagiarism service is based on Turnitin, a web-based originality checking software. This service helps determine the originality in research papers and reports prepared by the institute staff and students by cross- checking the documents against the already published articles available online. It is based on username and password and restricted to the regular members. The members have to submit an application from (available in web portal) duly approved by the Director.

What is ISBN, and how to apply?

Ans: International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13 digit numeric code that serves as a unique identifier for books. This number captures information regarding the book publisher, title, language, edition, and version. The faculty and staff of AIISH responsible for preparing the materials can apply in the prescribed format available in the library web portal and obtain ISBN before sending the material for printing.

What is a writing support service, who is eligible, and how to access?

Ans: Writing support service is based on Grammarly software. This software detects grammatical errors in research papers/reports/letters etc. This is a username and password based service available only for the regular members. The username and password are being generated by the L&IC staff upon receiving request from the regular members. The service is access the anywhere using username and password.

What is the author's solution, who is eligible, and how to access?

Ans: Author solution service based on Typeset software. This software facilitates writing and submitting a formatted research paper for journals. This is a username and password based service available only for the regular members. The username and password are being generated by LIC staff upon request from the regular members. The members may access anywhere using username and password.

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